Communications Suite

An application from a highly skilled software company focused in the development of real time and communication solutions.

Kínetos has created a suite of communications systems based on it ́s own 4GL language along with a sophisticated Web interface that allows managing the systems and getting a full set of analytics.

Traditionally systems have been used in resolving common communications solutions like interactive telephony systems (IVR) integrated with a contact center and automated campaign managers, using all types of channels like voice, text messages, mobile apps, email, etc.

Kínetos has been a provider for each of those kind of systems in the last decade or more.

However, recently Kínetos created a far more evolved new concept that integrates all the previous legacy means of communication into a single smart system, called the Smart Customer Follow Up System, in which when adding cutting edge last generation Big Data algorithms created the HOUND product, to make a smarter follow up process in order to address today's more dynamic customer needs and situations through machine learning and advanced customer behaviour modeling.

Hound can manage both incoming and outgoing communications or a mixture of both.



Main uses for the Hound and the Smart Customer Follow Up System are many among which some industries can have a very particular benefit, in the fields of Churn control and revenue management or Debt collection for instance:

Traditional TeleWare Systems include:

  • Integrated communications suite with IVR and Contact Center with Agent CTI integration

  • Stand alone IVR systems with mobile app integration

  • Corporate campaign manager systems, with Multiple media capabilities

  • Integrated communications suite with IVR and Contact Center with Agent CTI integration

  • Integrated communications suite with IVR and Contact Center with Agent CTI integration

  • Bank Grade Call Recording

  • Integration to create Hound:

    • Smart Churn Control system, for Customer Retention.

    A system that uses an Automaton algorithm to dynamically follow up on customer cases according to their behavior.

    On a first stage we create a model to have a Machine learning engine learning about the habits of the customers that have left as such in the past. Once the algorithm is fine- tuned the system searches all current databases and finds similarities with current customers thus extracting the ones that are behaving with a similar pattern.

    Then an automated algorithm start a process where, according to the rules programmed can contact the customer with a flow along a period of time and via many different ways, interacting and feeding in the mean time with the current systems of the company (CRM, etc.)

    • Smart collection system.

    A system that follows up on currently active situations like debt collection

    • Smart Incoming communications Manager.

    As the integration of the usual incoming communications suite modules, a complete incoming system can be set to handle all communications with interaction to all internal systems of the customer, thus providing all the intelligence necessary to handle well all communications via different media sources.

    Some screenshots