Hound is the result of a reinvention of a great amount of concepts and products,
it is an advanced new concept born from a mixture of legacy communication systems with new cutting edge technologies ,

Hound has been conceptualized to be focused to operate within the life cycle
of a modern customer service-aware corporation, thus solving many currently unsolved problems

... a great amount of innovation, development and effort was born into a new concept.
The concept of Hound is to gather information from all your datasources and then create an analytic model based on Big Data to
find out the patterns of your customers to then perform an smart process to follow a situation up to achieve a particular goal.

Simply put:
Hound is a value added system that integrates with your existing platforms and provides enough Intelligence to find out what and who is an important target for a particular situation to then perform a powerful and robust yet flexible interactive process to follow it up smartly with accuracy throughout
the life-cycle of your customer's experience.

Data Wrangling

Smart Data Wrangling Tool

Powerful dynamic and programable tool to create automatic processes of connection to data sources.
Designed as a high end powerful data wrangling tool to dynamically collect data from different sources based on an automaton algorithm.
Provides the perfect and reliable data entry platform for other systems such as the Workflow system or even others on the organization.

  • Dynamic: Match patterns of input data and execute processes
  • Extendible: Integration to workflows system.
  • Robust: Heavy duty proven 24/7 fault tolerant engine
  • Customizable: Fully programable
  • Event or calendar triggered
  • Can execute or interact with other systems/services/webservices

Smart Follow Up

Workflows engine

The Main smart work-flow heavy-duty follow up process is a system that can be configured with intelligent flows models in order to proceed and execute with a fully fletched bpmn 2.0 compliant workflow.

Flows can be handled and designed through a graphic tool.

Workflow engine can be accessed via a third party tool via an API

Engine is designed to be integrated with multiple communication tools thus several different channels of communications can be used natively, and others can be integrated via Restful API.

  • bpmn 2.0 compliant
  • multiple channels of communication all standard communication standards met

Big Data

Integrated Data Mining Engines

Cutting edge algorithms are integrated with Hound and TeleWare, as well as other data sources provide valuable information both for decision making or to start automated processes with Hound.

  • Customers dessertion patterns detection
  • UpSale opportunities Prediction
  • Churners Prediction
  • Customer service valuation


Attrition and Retention:

Find out which of your customers are behaving as customers who have left you as a provider and perform automated processes to smartly get to them and try to reduce their urge to leave or Churn.

Revenue Management / Debt Collection:

Identify the behaviour and categorizing customers who ows you money, then execute a smart follow up process in which you get to contact them with the proper language and communications skills to each category of customers while creating a record of the process.


Once identified a particular positive pattern on a customer or group of customers, the system can be programmed to automatically initiate a process to either try to reinforce that pattern with a particular offer try to modify it or execute an up-sale process generating a business opportunity.

Automated Processes Follow Up:

When someone request a particular service throug any channel of communication Hound can be called to execute a workflow to either follow up that process or even execute it !!.